The KeyLink doo
is organized in a way that it can offer high-quality technical support
to it's clients in a short period of time. Our mission is to build long term strategic
partnership with our clients so that the client service is, along with the product delivery,
a very important segment of our business. We build the relations with our clients on mutual
trust and by recognizing client's needs we always want to be one step ahead so that we can
contribute to their satisfaction and successful business.

Help Desk is organized in a way that we give technical and consulting help in a short period of time.

Keylink Additional Services provides :

  • Consulting in the framework of organization and management of the Collection
  • Consulting services during the preparation and making of the project Idea
  • Development and upgrading of existing system
  • Production and implementation of unique product
  • Staff training and expert seminars for work with delivered product