KEYLINK d.o.o. is a company established for the manufacturing, implementation and sale of software apps and systems based in web technologies.

We were created based on the increasing need of the market for systems which in addition to IT solutions can also offer high-quality organizational and marketing solutions, which coupled into a whole provide a unique product adapted to the requirements and needs of the final user.

Our team is composed of highly qualified experts in the fields of marketing, sales and IT sector..

Philosophy :

We approach each client as a special and unique organizational system by analyzing their needs and the nature of their business, we create a product adapted to the needs of client organizational system that maximize of the set company goals.
KEYLINK considers it's clients as a strategic partners because we together do actions which help to create a unique business strategies to achieve long-term goals of the company.

KEYLINK offers users:

  • a delivery of it's own products;
  • adjustment of products according to demands and needs of client;
  • top quality and performance of the products;
  • implementation of IT solutions, maintenance and system support;
  • training staff;

IT sector is divided into two parts :

Department for development software solutions :

  1. Delivery of final product;
  2. App implementation and maintenance;
  3. User support;
  4. Staff education;

Department for development of web solutions :

  1. web app projects;
  2. Web design;
  3. Setting up the web app;
  4. Maintenance of web app;
  5. Hosting services;

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sale consist of a team of people who have more than 20 years of experience in that area in different structures of Marketing. Our wide experience that we have in that segment helps us to make a product which will be, besides it's good technical characteristics, visually recognizable in accordance to the client's brand. Along with the experts in the marketing area, a special mark in our work have web and graphic designers who complete the technical part of IT sector with their creativity.