KeyCollect - Tethys:

A unique app that represents a strategic tool focused on the collection of claims.
KeyCollect is a centralized system that connects all processes in the frameworks of the departments which deal with the collection of claims and as such it becomes an irreplaceable support on all levels of operating and decision making.

The most important KeyCollect characteristics :
  • A strategic NPL Management Tool 
  • Designed to fit client needs 
  • Tailored Reporting Functionality  
  • Customer Personalized 
  • Focused on Collection 
  • Unified System 
The app was based on a long-term experience of experts who directly or indirectly made decisions in the framework of the Collection ant it represents contemporary solution that in the most productive way meets all the needs of modern system which would like to bring closer their business to client's needs and in that way to achieve the best business results and realize their financial goals. It is technologically advanced and it's integration into any Core system is not a problem.

Key Benefits :
  • Collection : Effective, Efficient 
  • Reduction in Provision 
  • Increasing the New Business 
  • Summary Reports 
  • Customer Specific 
  • Total Stuff Control 
In the app design we have left a possibility of adaptation of specific demands of a new user, which makes the system unique because the final version is delivered to the client according to his direct and special needs.